What is Edokiriko ?

History of "Edo Kiriko"
Japanese Traditional Cut Glass

Over 150 Years of History
The "Edo Kiriko" has started its history in the end of Edo(Tokugawa) Era. That is a traditional technique of cutting glass which is
never seen in any other countries in the world. Since then, its technique has been succeeded over 150 years through Meiji, Taisho,
Showa, up to Heisei Era.

The Beginning
"Edo Kiriko" was firstly developed in 1834, by "Hyobei Kagaya", the master of glass transformer store, who has tried to engrave
on a surface of glass with "Kongo" sand.

Meiji Era
The present style of "Edo Kiriko" has established in Meiji Era, with been introduced the way of European cut glass, and modern
Also, the name and reputation of "Edo Kiriko" has been popular by 20th of Meiji Era(1888), while lots of excellent works have
been produced by craftsmen who were born in Edo Era.

Taisho Era
The quality of "Edo Kiriko" has been improved by the research of glass material, and the method of grinding crystal glass in the

Showa Era
In the end of Taisho Era or the early in Showa Era, "Edo Kiriko" has been rapidly developed and diffused, that was the 1st stage
of its golden days.

Now and Future
Our mission is to preserve and raise "Edo Kiriko" as high quality, beautiful and Japanese traditional craft work on a long-term
Your further favorite usage and understanding would be appreciated.